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Hello All! I am new to using the Asana API… Or any API for that matter. I am really happy with my progress building some tools using Integromat, but have hit a wall. I am trying to find a subtask that is assigned to a particular user inside a known project and task. I have gotten down to the level of a GET call to retrieve the subtasks with assignees, but am struggling to take that data, find the ID of a particular user, then move the task ID to the next step. I think my biggest issue is that the User ID and task ID are both just labeled “gid” so I can’t do a map request like I did earlier in the action. I’ve attached a screenshot of the data the GET request is returning. @Michaela_S Any help from you would be great.

ping @Michaela_S for help :slight_smile: (she works at Integromat)

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Hi @Corey_O_Quinn, sorry for the slightly delayed reply.

It seems that you’re trying to go about doing this in a very complicated way.

You could use the ‘Last a Task’s Subtasks’ module

The module allows you to retrieve the subtasks:

You can then filter these based on the assignee name :slightly_smiling_face:

Side note: Leaving the link to the Asana integration on Integromat here for reference

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