Where to find available field properties for tasks?

I have looked under the task API but this information does not appear to be there: https://developers.asana.com/docs/get-multiple-tasks

Nor is it under Input/Output Options: https://developers.asana.com/docs/input-output-options

Where can available field options for tasks be found? Thank you

Hey @Sean_DeSilva,

It’s kind of hidden IMO - at the very bottom of the left-hand panel in the API docs, you’ll find “Schemas”. Expand that to find all of the schema definitions for all objects. Here’s the one for Tasks:


And, in case they forgot to maintain the documentation provided by @Phil_Seeman, I suggest to query one single task, and look at the returned fields to get your list! That’s what I did, and sometimes, you can find some undocumented fields.