Avaliable Optional Fields for Tasks


I am trying to figure out where a list of all the optional fields are for a Task. I have been using the opt_fields to add several fields as I’ve found them through trial and error. But I have yet to find an actual list of fields I could choose to pull down, it doesn’t appear to exist in the Task API documentation at all.

This part of the docs explains how to do it, but not what’s available. When I just pull down Tasks without specifing any fields it only gives me gid, name, and resource_type.

If it helps I would like to see if there is an added_at date for a task. I.E. if I add a Task to one project, and then 5 days later I add it to another project is there some way for me to know the exact date it was added?


Hi @Alex_Hofer , welcome to the forum!

I know that there’s a hidden place somewhere in the API where the “schema” of objects are documented, but I never remember where.

What I personnaly do to get the list of available fields, is to query one single item, example

GET /tasks/xyz

Then, looking at the result, I have a good idea which opt_fields I can use when I query a list of tasks, based on that single task.

Also, you can add opt_fields of subItems using the “dot”, example:

opt_fields=“name,due_at,due_on,memberships.project.name,attachments.created_at, …”


Bottom of the sidebar :slight_smile:

I do the same thing as @Frederic_Malenfant , querying a task to get a list of available fields.


Oh man, thank you @Frederic_Malenfant and @Bastien_Siebman!

I see it now, the schema looks to be under:

Whereas the API’s are under:

But I will definitely use that other trick as well! :slight_smile:

If anyone who works on the docs sees this it would be really nice if the schema was linked under this part of the docs:
See Input/Output Options to include more fields in your response.


It took me about 5 years to realise there were schemas there :man_facepalming: