Where I can see who created the task/project/workspace and who is the last modified user of the task/project/workspace using the Rest API?

I cannot find who created and last modified user in the API response of get task/project/workspace,

Hi @somatest744!

On a task or project, you can use the opt_fields parameter to get the created_by information. For example, appending the API call with the query string ?opt_fields=created_by.name,name will return the name of the task/project and the name of the person who created it.

To determine the “last modified by” information for a task, you could get the stories on a task to see what activity has occurred. As far as I know, there’s no equivalent “last modified by” at the project level.

Hope this helps!

Hi @David_Neal ,

I wanted to know who created or last modified the user roles, and if they are shared, assigned, or Collaborators users?

Hi @David_Neal,

Is there a way to fetch the task response data (all details given by task API response) + created By user details in a single API call?

When opt_fields has created_by user, the task response is showing the created user details but trimming out the other data (like workspace, project, task related info). Do I need to mention all the fields as part of opt_fields?


Yes, if you use the opt_fields parameter, you will need to be explicit with all the fields you want included in the response.

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