Where do I find a team ID to import a project template?

I’m working on onboarding one of our teams right now, and I want to import the Asana Conventions and Etiquette project template. It is asking me for a team ID to know where to import it to. Where do I find that information?

Hi @Jonathan_Constant :wave: Thank you for reaching out.

Just to fully understand your question: are you referring to the API reference? To get the Team ID, please use: https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/teams#get

I hope this helps! Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!


Thanks for responding. I’m not a developer so I’m unfamiliar with API. I’m referring to the Asana Conventions and Etiquette project template which I found here: https://app.asana.com/app/template_importer

I was linked to this page by the Unit on Conventions in the Set your team up for success course in Asana Academy, found here: https://academy.asana.com/set-your-team-up-for-success/279853

When I click on the plus next to the project a pop up at the bottom of my screen tells me ‘Select import destination. Select where you’d like to import your templates.’ There is a box to enter in a ‘Team ID.’ I thought this might just be the name of my team but that didn’t seem to work. I do not know what information it is asking for though nor where to find it.

Thank you for the clarification @Jonathan_Constant! Your Team ID is the last big set of numbers in your Team’s URL.

I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Got it @Natalia! Thank you so much!

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