Having trouble getting teams for user

Hello, I need to find the team ID for one of my teams, so I can use Python to create projects in that team.
What is the easiest way to find a team ID? Is there anywhere in the teams/dashboard view I can use to find them?

Right now I’m just trying to find all the teams which exist for a user (myself). I’m using the following Python code, as described in the documentation:

my_api_key = ‘[Private API key; not going to post on a public forum]’
client = asana.get_client(my_api_key)
result = client.teams.get_teams_for_user(‘me’, {‘param’: ‘value’, ‘param’: ‘value’},

…However, when looking at ‘result’, all I get is an object with ‘gi_code’ and ‘gi_frame’ attributes. ‘gi_frame’ contains a stack with only one element (when I know there should be dozens of team IDs) and a bunch of variables which don’t seem relevant.

How am I supposed to parse this data to learn the team ids?