Where did the priority drop down menu go?

There used to be a drop down menu where I could indicate what priority a task had, but that feature has been removed. How come? It was in the top part of a task, as seen in the screenshot below.

For some reason, you need to add the section to each project now. To do this, make sure your view is in List mode, then click on the + icon. A blue button will appear that says “add to project”

I think we’re talking about two different things. I’m asking about the priority field, and you’re talking about Sections. Right?


You can add the custom Priority field to any project by clicking “+” like this:


The desktop version must have changed recently. Because I had already added the priority field, and it was done on the right side. But now it’s done by clicking the + in the column headers, which I agree is a better place for it.

Regardless, I’m good to go now.


Actually, you can start add a custom field from both places now!