when was a task (with no deadline) finished - and by who (want to compare work done to bills)

how do i see when i task was completed (and by who)
I am not the best at setting end dates (and often other the priority is set on the same day), but I still want to know who completed what tasks-and when

Im getting a bill for 8 hours of work on say the 2020-10-24 - but i cant see completed tasks in timeline (unless i have set a deadline for them, witch i have not)

But i would still like to see all the work done by person A on day 2020-10-24 - so i can compare that to the 8 hour bill

No i know i can click a completed task and see " [Person A] completed this task.12 days ago - but first of all I Then have to calculate back to get the day.

Hello @Michael_Rygaard,
I’m not sure that I understand it correctly but probably you can use advanced search for that

I hope it helps.

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