When authenticating at kasban.io to Asana i am getting error invalid_request: The `redirect_uri` parameter does not match a valid url for the application


Ive logged into Asana, then went to Kasban.io to authenticate. i am getting following error.
invalid_request: The redirect_uri parameter does not match a valid url for the application.

tried it from chrome and IE both.
My final object is to create KANBAN board and share it with the team.



Hey @Junaid_Shaikh,

Why you don’t use the native asana boards?

More info:


Hi @Junaid_Shaikh

This is a technical issue.
all Asana integrations require a “redirect_uri” to be explicitly listed in the developer console when creating an app.

This error means that the uri listed does not match the one provided by the application itself, when authentication happens.

I would notify contact kasban.io, possibly their technical support and bring this to their attention.


Thanks @Diakoptis I wanted to use Kasban is bcas i am told its a lot better. But sure, i will check out Asana’s board layouts as well if it fits my objectives.


Thanks @Eyal_Ronel :slight_smile:


were you ever able to get this to authenticate? I am receiving the same error.