Oauth authorization problems for native app or mobile web

I’m trying to build an oauth integration for a native ios app that’s currently in development. I’m trying to use the native app flow using urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob as the redirect_uri. When I test on a device, I get deep-linked into the Asana app, and then I see a message that says “Couldn’t load content”. The same thing happens when I use a normal https redirect_uri. However, if I paste that url into a desktop web browser, I get taken to the oauth approval screen.

So it’s unclear what the problem is, but on a mobile device, asana doesn’t provide a web browser option:

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to move forward here? It seems like doing the oauth authorization dance from a mobile device – native or mobile web – is broken.

Good question, @lpb @Phil_Seeman do you know if you can redirect to such an address?

I don’t know, sorry - I’ve never tried to do Asana OAuth on a mobile platform.

Thanks – does anyone know of anyone on the asana team who might be able to help? Or maybe I should just email support?

I’ve pinged them for you. :slight_smile:

Sorry, nothing to add…thx!

Hi @Alex_Sharp2,

Welcome to the Asana forums. Can you check if you did the following

  1. Check the “This is a native or command-line app” check box in the developer console
  2. Updated your app distribution setting to the desired permissions
  3. Can you provide us with the URL that your app redirects the user to? (Please remove any sensitive information from the URL before posting)
  4. If possible the URL when you click on the “Open in the Asana app”

I am not familiar with how deep linking works in iOS but there could be a proper way to do it since it seems like the “Couldn’t load content” message is coming from iOS. If you could provide us with the redirect links (#3, #4) for the OAuth process I can check with our mobile team to see if it’s an issue on our end.