Trying to get started with the Developer App + Python API

I created a Developer App under my account and it already showed up in My Profile Settings under Authorized Apps. There are a few things I need help, please.

  1. I intended to use the app’s ID and Secret to authorize via Python. The end goal is to automate task progression status. In this case, under the Redirect URLs, is the app considered “native or command-line app”? Should I check that box?

  2. I tried connecting using Client.oauth, both with and without the redirect_uri parameter to no avail. The client.session.authorized always return False.

    client = asana.Client.oauth(
    print(f’Authorized = {client.session.authorized}’)

  3. I tried following the Authorization code grant URL. It tells me to “copy this code, switch to your application, and paste it there” and I don’t know where to go nor where to paste it. If this is a required step, can anyone give me some direction please?

Any help appreciate!