When a task is created in the external system, create a new templated project in Asana

I am new to Asana integrations and looking for a clarification on possibility to create a templated project in asana from a webhook notification from an external system? If so I wanted to request help on the best way to integrate Asana with an external system for creating a templated project.

Implementation Requirement : When a task is created in the external system, a webhook will send a notification of the task and its details. On the asana end we need to capture the details and create a templated project with those details.

Thank you in advance and any help is really helpful.

Do you mean create a “project template” or create a “project from a template”?


Hi Bastien,

Thank you for responding. I mean create a project from a template.

I mostly use low-code tools, but here’s how I’d do it:

I’m not aware of a way to create projects from template via API (E: Turns out you can!), so I think you’d have to either build the project “layer by layer” (Project, sections, tasks, etc.) via parameters set in your external system or do what I do, and store template projects as regular old projects (as in don’t use the official asana project templates feature).

My solution helped me get around some limitations of the template feature, but it also has it’s own shortcomings.

As I reread your OP, I wonder if taking your idea down a tier, to tasks/subtasks might be more manageable, but there’s a use case for everything.

Edit: Thanks for clarifying @lpb!

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Zapier.com and make.com both offer creating a project from a template and I think you could meet your requirement that way.

In response to @Frank_Gannon, I the Asana API does offer:



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Thank you @lpb. I will do some research on these websites.

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Thank you for providing this approach. I will look into it.

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