What made you 😍?

When you started using Asana, what was a feature that made you go all :heart_eyes:?

For me, it was adding and removing tasks like a text editor. Before I discovered Asana, I kept a running Google Doc that was filled with everything from reference numbers I needed to remember, random ideas, or even more random tasks that my boss would mutter at me as he flew by my desk throughout the day. It worked OK, but I’d have to clear it out every couple days and it would be a headache to go back through all the versions if I erased something I ended up needed later. Also as more tasks came in, it was difficult to pick out what was actually important and what was minor.

I’d love to learn more about what I might be missing and if anyone has a creative way of using a feature I haven’t thought to try.


As the lead of our team, my task is to track all my team’s work, get updates from them, and then once a week, report the status to our client. Most of these are being done using Excel (for the tracker and reporting), Email / Skype (to get updates.) Asana made it possible to do everything in one tool! :heart_eyes:

And, yes, the text editor-like feature of Asana is one of the ingredients which improved our flow. :slight_smile:


Nice! Yes @LenSantos I agree that having everything in one place is :heart_eyes:

One of my Asana aha! moments happened when I learned about tethering, or putting one task in multiple projects.

I had another aha! when I learned that you can add subtasks to multiple projects by using the Tab-P keyboard shortcut. It was like magic!


Alexis I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this! I didn’t know it was called tethering though. Thank you.

How can I go about tethering my tasks so that they have more than one project assigned to them?

Do I need to have a paid account to do it because right now I believe my account is free?

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@Hasani_Thomas I’m glad this is helpful! Free and premium users can tether tasks.

You can tether your tasks a few ways:

  • Use keyboard shortcut Tab P when you’re in a task or subtask (as outlined above)
  • Click the + sign at the top of a task
    **this option only works when you’re in a task. You must use the Tab P shortcut when you’re inside a subtask.
  • When in doubt click the (…) at the top of a task or subtask. The first option will be to add the task to a project.

If these options don’t work, then I suspect you could be trying to add a project that is part of a team you don’t belong to. You can only add tasks to projects that belong to the team to which you belong.

Please try the steps above. If they don’t work and the information is not sensitive, please send a screenshot of what you’re experiencing so we can try to find a solution.

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Awesome! The Tab +P worked in both tasks and subtasks.

I was looking for the “+” after clicking the pencil but I never saw it.

The (…) worked on one task and it showed “Add to project” but on all others the top option was “Delete task”.

I don’t really know why it showed up for one and not all of the others. I tried to screen shot it to show it here but the image didn’t show up.

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My heart-eyes moment was when I realized how flexible and easy it was to create projects - it wasn’t a major overhaul with permissions and xyz hoops to jump through. The fact that making projects was simple meant that I could get very specific with what kind of projects I needed to have - large or small.

Too often with tools like JIRA - you get in the habit of thinking everything has to be this huge undertaking, when in reality you can go big or stay small - and the ‘tethering’ of tasks was a HUGE bonus.


After a little more experimenting I’ve realized that tethering seems to be more reliable in the Company Workspace. I’m in the process of moving all of my tasks and projects now from my Personal Workspace to my Company Workspace.

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I had no idea you could do that!

I just heard my coworker in the next office shout, “WOO HOO! I got a unicorn!” :joy: I think for her, that will be her :heart_eyes:.


Love that. Too funny! :grin:

That’s awesome! I was doing my department asana onboarding presentation in May and when I completed something in the agenda it flew across my screen and everyone was like ‘WHAT, WHAT WAS THAT I’VE NEVER SEEN THAT’

It’s funny what grabs people’s interests sometimes lol


Caisha I completely agree with you, the unicorn and cats in Asana are just a big plus for onboarding sessions, I usually show it before the first big workshop break and participants go into the break very excited discussing how awesome that something serious like a task management app has animals :slight_smile:


For us, the unicorns were also a big plus and I think people are still liking it better and better every day (We also have the occasional ‘Yay a unicorn’ floating around in the office).

The cat hack, however, did just the opposite. Personally, I am also not a big fan of the ‘cat button’ either, but I showed it to my team anyway. The average answer was basically ‘Well that’s stupid. Why would I do that?’ :smiley: So I guess it depends on the team. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the cat hack? (Oddest thing I’ve typed today)

LOL. Go to the hacks section of your profile and turn on Tab+B. When you use this shortcut you’ll see cats populate your screen!

See “Tab+B because, cats” 7 ways Asana makes work more fun


Oh, I think that’s cute. I’m guessing it would win people over more if they were animated or even cute cartooned versions.


Brilliant idea! Love it.

I can’t say for sure but back in 2012, I sent a tweet to @asana suggesting that they should intermittently reward users for completing tasks (my wife is a psychologist;-) … I think it was one day later that I saw my first unicorn.

57 PM!
14 PM|481x198

It felt like the asana team was actively listening … and they responded so quickly that I kinda fell in love (for the record it was a different unicorn back then). This is exactly the kind of surprise and delight I was trying to bring to my customers at our small company at the time.


What a wonderful story! Thanks for sharing, @Roland_Smart. :grinning: