What is required to have 4 Organisations?


I have started a consulting business. And i now have 4 emails.

3 emails are from the companies im hired by
1 email is relating to my personal company

Ive been using Asana via one of the companies im hired by and really like it, so i thought "adding all 4 emails would be great so i can have 4 separate Organisations to track the tasks for each.

But i was only able to add a 2nd organisation (i guess since they had paid for it already?)
Even though all 4 emails were added successfully… I could only use 2.

So now my thought process is, if i buy Asana myself, how do i set it up so that i can have all 4 organisations separately on my account?

Welcome, @Chris_Betts,

You’ll be able to login with any address among the four emails and switch among your orgs that you have access to via the top right profile menu…

Have a look at Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide and elsewhere in the Guide as linked from there.

To maintain multiple logins active at one time in a browser, you can use browser profiles.

If you have more specific questions after checking the Guide, please follow-up here.



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