Webhooks in Make - Automation on section changed for multiple projects

Hello there,

I’m working with a web development agency that works multiple clients

They use Asana and have one project per client.

I started to dabble with make.com in order to create a follow-up system that follows this logic:

“When a task is moved to the section “Blocked” get task ID, project ID and send an email to the client asking for help”

So far I managed to use the “Watch Webhook Events” to watch for task that switch sections from a specific project but I was unable to do that on the organizational level for multiple projects.

What could be some workarounds to do that? I thought about 2 possible solutions:

  • Combine multiple webhooks together (if that’s a possibility)
  • Using Asana Workflow automation - when a task is moved to section blocked, create a duplicate in a project called “Blocked”

But I’m open to suggestions!

Ideally I’d only like to use make.com