Webhook Missing behaviour for the enum custom field

We are using asana as the process automation in our project named Videoms (https://crexi.videoms.io/). We create a project with some tasks inside it under specific sections. We have some custom fields which are added to each project (when created). The asana project is tracked to our server with the webhook process.

Consider the below webhook filter we are using on the project level to track the custom field changes.

  resource: asanaProjectId,
  target: serverURL,
  filters: [
      action: 'changed',
      resource_type: 'task',
      fields: [
      action: 'added',
      resource_type: 'project_membership',

The problem occurs with the invalid behavior of the webhooks from asana. However, the process properly handshakes with asana and gets the hooks to the server but these are random. sometimes getting hooks with a lot of delays, sometimes getting hooks in the bulk & sometimes it is missed for some custom field changes.

The hooks are properly verified by the asana server. whenever getting the webhooks from asana each time we are sending a response with a status code of 200. We have also verified the hooks are active using the webhook APIs.

Consider the response we are sending back to asana for the handshake & each time when asana sends hooks to our server.


We are not sure why this is happening. From the community support, we got the answer as hooks are not real-time . We want to know what is the behavior of the hooks OR the max delay time to reach the server (Sometimes we are getting hooks in 20 to 25 minutes).

We have also updated the webhook behavior issue on the community forum and have seen (From the forum) that many of the users are facing the same issue related to the webhooks.

  • Please find the community forum webhook issue here: