Webhook Filters & Whitelist

Hey Asana Team! :wave:

I am trying to add a Webhook for subscribing to a team, but I keep getting the following error:
“Webhooks for larger scoped resources must have at least one filter and all filters must be in our whitelist.”

From the API docs, I can’t find how to specify the filters in the payload, and I don’t now what filters are allowed. Can you help me find the list of filters and how to specify them in the request?

“data”: {
“resource”: “team-id”,
“target”: “https://webhook-callback-url.com/”,
“filters”: [ #my failed attempt at adding a filter
{ “assignee”: “my-id”, “resource_type”: “task” }


Hi @Alex_Kitchens and welcome to the forum!

Where are you reading that in the docs? What you’re describing is an upcoming feature that hasn’t been implemented yet (unless they sneaked it into production unannounced!). At present, you can only set webhooks on project or tasks.

But I’m also cc’ing some API team members so they can weigh in. :slight_smile:

cc: @Joe_Trollo, @Ross_Grambo

Hey Phil, thanks for responding so quickly!

I was seeing that message directly from the API response. That makes sense then, as I think I read in another forum post that the webhooks subscription for more than projects was supposed to roll out sometime this month?

I don’t recall seeing that specific timing being mentioned, but the API team will very likely chime in here and let us know the status of things.

Yeah, this functionality isn’t released yet. I don’t think we expected people to already try and do it, so we didn’t put this error message behind a flag. :slight_smile:

I asked the API team but haven’t heard back yet. I know the end of our current episode is January, and completing it is a part of this episode, so I assume it will be done before then!