Webhook delay

I´m setting up a new webhook and I’m experiencing a significant delay in the webhook delivery.
Everything from 5 minutes up to 20 minutes.
Is a delay like this expected?
The webhook in question is listening to the “added” event for a task.

Hi @Siggi_Njáls,

Yes, there can sometimes be webhook delays, although 5 to 20 minutes is a really long time.

@JFrentz are you seeing any especially long delays today?

@sasha_f @John_Vu do you know of any current webhook issues?

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I’m actually not seeing any webhooks delivered anymore.

This was a new webhook created this morning and was returning events.
It is now completely silent.

Hi! :slight_smile:

Events have been streaming in all day, and are currently working as well.

We have longer delays than normal on 25 and 26 April. Today 1,2% of all events have >= 300sec delay, April month average is 0.7%.

During April we see a significant improvement in event loss, eg. fewer events have been fetched using our QA processes validating all events using the event token.

Hi @Phil_Seeman,

I checked with our infra team and it does look like we did experience some webhook delays recently. But they have since recovered.