Webhook unexpectedly deleted


We’ve had a webhook suddenly be deleted and we’re unclear on the cause.

The webhook with the gid 1200657221680383 for the project 1200656813079266 was created in July 2021 and had been working smoothly for 4 - 5 months. Sometime over the past month, our platform stopped receiving events for the webhook. When querying the API for the webhook we received a Not Found error.

We’ve been able to create a new webhook for this project however we’d like to avoid this situation occurring again in the future.

Is there a reason why a webhook might be unexpectedly deleted?
Have you got any tips for preventing this from occurring again?

Thanks in advance

Hi @Carl_Adermann and welcome to the forum,

My guess would be this - from the API docs:

If we attempt to send a webhook payload and we receive an error status code, or the request times out, we will retry delivery with exponential backoff. In general, if your servers are not available for an hour, you can expect it to take no longer than approximately an hour after they come back before the paused delivery resumes. However, if we are unable to deliver a message for 24 hours the webhook will be deactivated.

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