Web application freezes when loading 100+ comments

When the task has a lot of comments (100+) and they are all open. Then the web application starts to freeze. Not convenient when searching for the desired comment.
if you hide the comments, then everything is fine.
if the comments are 10-20, then everything is ok.
Google Chrome latest version

Hi @Alexander_Krasnovsky, welcome to the Community Forum. Sorry for the trouble, let’s see if we can fix it together!

Can you please try to follow these steps and let me know if the issue persists?

  • Update your browser to the latest version
  • Try from a different browser
  • Disable any browser extensions you have turned on or check from a incognito window
  • Check your ability to establish a WebSocket. It’ll be also very helpful if you could send me your connectivity test results.

Looking forward to your reply!

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