Video comment looping indefinitely

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Once again, I lost my video comment due to infinite load :rage: :rage: :rage:
I hate this feature, it is the second time it happens. My previous video also did not have sound.
My trust in this feature is completely gone, won’t use it anymore and will advise against it my clients… :frowning:

Steps to reproduce:
Just use the feature :person_shrugging: (in Chrome)

Browser version:
Latest Chrome

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Yeah that happened to me a few times also already. Now for me the video got uploaded to my vimeo account although it got stuck in Asana. For you it does not even show in your vimeo account @Bastien_Siebman ?

No idea, did not check. I shouldn’t have to worry about this :confused:

Hey @Bastien_Siebman so sorry to hear you’ve lost your video, I know it’s super frustrating.

Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to troubleshoot this via the Forum, but out support team may be able to investigate this further if you can provide them with the following info: URL of the task + Day and time you attempted to record the video (which i can see on your screenshot).

Again so sorry for the negative experience and for not being able to help via the Forum. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

@Bastien_Siebman, I’m experiencing the same issue and we have received other reports from customers. Our team is looking into it and I will keep you posted here when I have an update. Can you please DM me to let me know in what Org you’ve run into the issue?

Capture d’écran 2023-01-10 à 15.36.43


Hi all,

Quick update on this topic: Vimeo has pushed an update that should resolve this issue. Please let me know here if you run into this issue again!


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