We need the desktop app as a PKG for MacOS (Device Management)!

I’m working to automate and implement device management at our organisation and unfortunately due to the Asana app only being provided as a DMG I’m left with 2 bad decisions. We really need Asana to provide the app in a PKG format so we can install on MacOS devices so that is can be a managed and deployed app.

By only providing a DMG the user needs to have admin permissions on the corporate device (A known security vulnerability) or the app needs to be manually installed remotely by an admin.

The cheaper, quicker and easier option would be to ban the desktop app from a security and compliance standpoint.

Please can we get a PKG or at least have the details needed to use the DMG appropriately for device management solutions. Would need App Bundle ID (CFBundleIdentifier)
App Version (CFBundleShortVersionString) for all included apps in the DMG.


On the Windows side and MSI would be great too please.

Adding that I too would appreciate that Mac info for deployment