Visible actual time column in advanced search

Hi All,
Is there a way to make an advanced search that allows to see all tasks completed within some period of time in project / team in which the actual time column is visible (so we can sum it up?)

We used to make such saved search as a reports to our clients. We have been using custom time filed (Number type) with time entered manually.

If there is a way for it - for my team is one less tool to use (we were using toggl and clockify for now) but it would be great to have this kind of report in asana.

Hello @Patryk_D,

I recommend creating reports for this.

You can create a dashboard where you store reports per team member for example.

Here is an example of what you can set up. The above example was created within a project.

If you want to combine time from various projects go to the main “reporting” feature in Asana


Then you can filter per teams, projects, etc

I hope that helps

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Unfortunately no.
I need to have more detailed info.

I need a task list view with time data shown on each task. I can achieve it with Estimated time, and custom number field but not with Actual time.