Visibility of all Recurring tasks

Thanks for keeping this afloat, Maria. My team is looking at leaving Asana due to this issue as the calendar functionality is massive for us. Please keep us posted as I would love to stay with this product.


My team also needs this feature to come to Asana. This could come as an option for reoccurring tasks, either create a new instance only when the current one is checked, or create all of them right from the beginning.

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Shocked that this feature has been overlooked. I need to be able to see the future, not just tomorrow.


it’s inexcusable for this to still be an issue. asana has 100% dropped the ball for customers relying on calendars to actually look like, y’know… calendars. fail. sad. bad asana. do programming now. me a full calendar view needing a lot now.


Wird this still isn’t added, I’m looking for a project management tool for our team. The the last hours I tried if it meets our use-cases, and it did until I run into this issue. We have 2 weeks release cycles and I want to see ahead of time when our importent release dates are… Sad but I have to go looking for on other tool/platform now.


Why is this still not a thing? One of my clients is going to release videos to YouTube twice a week. Each video is a very layered process and I be processing many weeks worth of videos at once. I need to see which ones I have started processing, how far into the process I am (subtasks), and which ones I have completed. Do you expect me to manually create one item at a time?


I am using part of Asana as an editorial calendar, which includes repeating tasks. I was excited to see how easily I could set the recurring task…but requiring a task to be complete before it shows up repeatedly on the calendar view is unworkable. I’m planning months of content at a time and need to see the recurring “future” items in order to know where the gaps are. From reading all the feedback, this issue has been a sore point since at least March 2017. When will there be a fix?


Just spent all day getting my team set up here and realized this [lack-of] calendar feature. I thought i spent hours setting things up and had done something wrong. We’re using this for 100% recurring daily/weekly/monthly tasks. What’s your suggestion and what’s an anticipated date to release this feature?


Okay, this is a bit frustrating.

This is an EXTREMELY important feature to add to Asana. My organization just got set up on Asana, and as we were setting up recurring tasks for all of the support staff and executive meetings, we realized that only the next occurrence shows, and that the one following only shows once the last one has been completed.

Our company is large, and spread between two states, and being able to see our FULL calendar at all times for scheduling meetings and projects is imperative to our functioning as an organization. We just subscribed for 10 seats for our support staff and upper management and this has put us in a position where we may not be able to actually use Asana due to this issue.

I highly recommend this is addressed and at least the option given for those who need it, or I am certain you will loose customers who absolutely need this feature.


Please provide an update on when this feature will be released

This is a joke! This is basically the whole point of a project management software. I cannot believe I have wasted hours getting all setup and spending the money to upgrade to the premium version for this feature not to exist. How utterly ridiculous - how hard can it be to show tasks on a recurring nature like google calendar does - seriously!!?


I have set up recurring tasks for members of my team. But I want to be able to see all instances of them (not only once one has been completed). Is there any way around this? Apart from having to set up the same task hundreds of times just so it plots on to the calendar for visibility.

@natalia.benamor No sorry not that I have seen. It only repeats the task on completion.


Hi folks, we already have a thread on this topic, so I’ve gone ahead and merged this post to consolidate feedback on this topic!

Since my first post I have tested 30+ more tools trying to find this feature which non of them have. I have just stumbled across a forum thread like this and think I may of found one that does!!

I am going to give them a try but would rather stay with Asana.

Dear Marie, if you want to have a benchmark for how smart it can be done, then look no further than the functionality of Google Goals in their calendar. They add events to the calender, which can be automoved around to find space and which lets you track progress on a goal such as Bicycle daily, walk the dogs weekly, Buy a present for your wife bi weekly, etc.
Yours sincerely
Peter M .


Hi @Peter_Michael_Majgaa and welcome to the Forum!

Thanks for sharing Google Goals on this thread, it ties up with a lot of Asana values! If you haven’t seen it yet, check out this video in which our CEO explains our vision for the next few years, it is very in line with what Google Goals does :slight_smile:

Hi, is there a way to set a recurring task to show due at a certain cadence? Similar to setting a recurring meeting or event through google calendar, can I set a task to show due every couple of weeks?

Hi @Allie_Cerone and welcome to the Forum!

As it stands this is not possible since new recurring tasks are only generated once the initial task is marked complete. I’ve gone ahead and moved your post to this existing #productfeedback thread which covers exactly this topic; if you haven’t yet, I’d highly recommend you to add your vote at the top of this thread!

Hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

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I also found this annoying! The workaround I found was saving the task and uploading it to Google calendar - and then duplicating the calendar entry. This also allows you to set start and end-dates, something I can’t easily do as a non-paying Asana user. Hope this helps!!