Viewing priorities on your teams task


I want to be able to view all my teams tasks in the priority view at a first glance as opposed to having to click into each project to view. Is there a way to view this?

Welcome, @Ashley_de_Boer,

One option is to use the Calendar view of your team which you’ll find at your team page:

It will roll up tasks in any projects in the team that have due dates. (Note: If you have more than 100 projects in your team, the team calendar is disabled.)

Another option is, for any paid plan, you can create one or more custom search reports (Search box > Advanced search > enter parameters > Save search).

Hope that helps,


@lpb I have this weird memory of the team calendar not working after having more than X tasks, does it ring a bell?

Not tasks, but projects; good memory, @Bastien_Siebman. I updated my post based on this info:



@Richard_Sather a new limit for new if you don’t have it already!


Thanks! 11.1 added to :1234: List of technical and data limitations in Asana :wink: