View tasks and subtasks in an outline tree

FYI my company is working on an Asana client app which displays and allows you to manage your tasks and subtasks in an outline tree. We’re looking for early testers; please visit if you’re interested. (It will also keep a copy of your information locally, meaning your data will be available offline as well as online.)

Hi Phil-

We’d be interested in trying it out if not too late. From the gif it looks great! I’ve tried signing up at but didn’t get an email. Thanks.


Hi @Dan_Hardy,
The Treesana beta is paused at the moment while we do some additional development work. But I do see you on the beta request list!

Thanks! Can’t wait til it’s out!

Hi @Phil_Seeman, is Treesana still being developed? I have a client who’s interested.

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Hi @Todd_Cavanaugh! I still very much want to bring it into existence but it’s on the back burner at the moment while I’m currently focusing on Flowsana.

How large is your client? I could be persuaded potentially… :slight_smile: Send me a PM if you want to follow up on that discussion.

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