Using Webhook (Outgoing Web Request App) to Send Data from Asana to Slack


I am trying to use the “Outgoing Web Request” app in Asana to push some basic task data to Slack. I successfully connected to Slack’s webhook URL but have only succeeded in pushing the taskGid data across. I can’t figure out how to map the parameters for my custom fields. Any advice would be most welcome. I’ve spent a couple days trying to figure this out and reading various pieces of documentation. Attaching some images of how I’ve set things up and what I’m trying to do. Basically, just creating projects with a To (text field) and a Message (text field) to push anonymous kudos into a Slack List.

I’m afraid the answer might be that it’s not possible using this existing app and that I would have to develop my own (which is beyond my level of expertise), but I thought I would check first.

Thanks in advance!

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Calling @Bastien_Siebman , the author of the Outgoing Web Request rule action…

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Thanks Phil. What you are trying to do isn’t possible in one go. My custom action only sends the taskGid and the custom fields. What you need to do:

  • create a zap where the trigger is webhook
  • have the Outgoing Web Request call the zap
  • first action of the zap should be to retrieve the task from Asana
  • second action is to do a HTTP call to Slack with your 3 params

Does it help? The idea behind the way I structured the OWR was that every user has a different need; and I did not want to send the entire task structure to the endpoint. So for now I decided to only send the task gid and let the user query the full task.

Reminder: this is a free custom action, please be reasonable in terms of volume


Thanks Bastien and Phil!

I managed to make this work with Zapier, which also obviated the need for OWR (since Zapier can trigger directly on the Asana task creation).

Thanks again!

100%, if you have Zapier and the right trigger, feel free to use it instead of my action!

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