Using custom fields and rules to sort based on task due date, task past due date etc. - living on EOS

We recently upgraded to an Asana business account in order to begin using features like custom fields and custom rules.

New to these two features, I am looking for some advice on creating custom fields and then rules based on them to allow me to sort tasks into various projects or sections of projects based on their due date.

For example moving a task to a project if the due date falls within the current week (7 day period) or moving a task into a section of a project if it is overdue or remains incomplete when the due date has passed.

I am looking for help here as our business is running on EOS and I am hoping to build some of the EOS components into Asana. We tried an EOS specific software and have found ourselves missing Asana and it’s easy communication ability.

However, both transitioning from a free account to business account w/no experience using custom fields or rules and implementing some of the functionality of this other EOS centric system is proving more difficult than I thought.

Any and all help is appreciated!

@Eleanor - currently Rules only support two triggers on due dates: (1) new due date and (2) no due date. So, what you describe isn’t yet possible to do automatically in Asana natively.

You have two options. You could:
(1) Create custom reports (Saved Advanced Searched) to show tasks that fit the criteria you are describing.
(2) You could use a third-party integrations app, like Integromat or Zapier to watch for certain changes on specific tasks or tasks within specific projects and then do other things to the task based on those conditions.

Additionally, if Asana reporting isn’t granular or detailed enough, you could use: – great at easy reports and live sync with Google sheets
Bridge24 – great at interactive reports (see and interact with specific tasks)
Screenful – excellent report visuals / dashboards

Feel free to click my profile and send a message if you’d like to have a quick free call to talk through any of these options.

For the record, I really, really want rules that are based on other due date criteria, like you’ve described. I think it’ll come at some point. Rules are still relatively new.

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@Eleanor and @Bry_ProjectKickstart,

FYI my Flowsana integration has this capability:

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