Using Asana to as a prospecting tool?

We made the switch to Asana mid-2023 and are still optimizing it. One thing we can’t figure out is how to use Asana to track prospects. We currently store our research there but find it has been hard to track moves and other pieces. I was wondering where others track their research (in Asana or elsewhere) and suggested uses for Asana in regards to prospecting.


Hi @kylacortez49 ,

Sure you can use Asana for tracking potential leads or prospects. Each task would represent a prospect (company name) and then you can use custom fields such as single-select dropdowns for Stage and another for Status which can work in tandem. eg. a prospect could be at ‘Discovery call’ stage and the status could be ‘Follow up’. You could also add a Priority single select field too.

You can then add more fields such as text fields to capture data points such as the company details, website URL, person of contact, tel no, email, location (address, country), field of work etc.

You can then use the task description for more details and notes.

You can add subtasks for each activity like a phone call, video call or email sent so you have a clear record of steps taken.

And then use the comments to discuss internally about that specific prospect.

Hope that helps!

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Hi, @kylacortez49

Is your question about the Sales Funnel?
If so, “” might be close.

Sorry if I’m wrong.

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thank you both @Richard_Sather & @Ka_Nishiyama! used a mix of both to create something that works for us!