Using Asana and Evernote together

I’m working with a fantastic team on setting up conventions of using Evernote and Asana. They have a super robust and organized system of notes in Evernote, but they need a better task management solution to define action items and facilitate collaboration.
Does anyone use both Evernote and Asana together, and if so, do you utilize the integration through Zapier to connect them?

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Hey Kaitie, I use both Evernote and Asana, but for quite different uses. For me, Evernote is a knowledge base of information and it’s where I store all my reference material and ideas. Asana is more for the actionable things I need to do. I know Evernote comes with the ability to create reminders, but in my opinion, it’s not great and I feel it’s better to keep these sorts of reminders in Asana. But I haven’t tried the Zapier integration, so I guess they could work well together.


Hey Paul,

This is my experience as well. I utilize Evernote for storage and capturing of key materials/information - while Asana is project/task focused. While you can establish some form of integration I believe the workflows are quite different and our internal experimentation demonstrated some challenges with various teams.

Thanks, Stuart

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Katie, I have used Evernote and Asana together. It may not be a solution but under the Evernote Share is “Copy URL”. I then paste the Evernote URL into an Asana Task. In turn your can post the task URL into Evernote. I do not like Zapier as it is too fixed rules base and creates a lot of things you don’t need.


I, too, paste URLs of useful Evernote notes into the Asana tasks as @James_Carl suggests.

In practice, I often find myself using the Asana task description field to take extensive notes and log comments (even if it’s to myself) esp if it’s transactional (eg. logging a customer support call).

Once the task is complete, I sometimes cut & paste the description of the Asana task into Evernote and paste the Evernote URL in its place as a pointer.

That said, that usually is a hassle so I often leave “task details” in Asana and use Evernote to capture “meta” task info/summary/debriefing.

Ideally, there would be a tighter integration between the Asana task description and an Evernote note for selected tasks IMHO.