Evernote Integration - Asana attachment - Dev Request

I see there is discussion on this, but I was hoping to see the development in the ability to attach a note from evernote to a project or task. Similar to what you can do in trello.

That way the note would show up as an attachment to the Project as well and allow for much more indepth documentation to be attached from Evernote accounts…


@Marie any idea who developed the integration? Asana or Evernote?

I was not aware there was an integration except Zapier. @Chris_Ball1 I assume you know you can paste the Evernote URL into Asana and have it integrated. Just click Copy Share URL and paste into Evernote


Hi @Bastien_Siebman! Are you referring to Evernote + Asana: Create tasks from notes • Asana? This one was developed by Zapier!

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