Creating a task from Evernote to Asana without having to create different notes for each task


I take a lot of meeting notes in Evernote. Is there a way to create a task from text within a note in Evernote into Asana? I understand I can create a task in Asana using Zapier every time I create a note, but if I’m in a weekly 1:1 with my boss and we are reviewing a variety of different topics, I want to have all of my follow ups in one single note, instead of creating a new note for every task - just seems like an endless waste of notes that will all be blank except for the note name.

If not possible, is there any notes tracker that can do this?


Hi @Sreedevi_Sripathy - it’s a great question. So, to make sure I understand, you are wanting to create multiple tasks from the notes in a single note, instead of a new note to trigger each new task, correct?

There are three options for how to solve what you are looking for:

  1. TaskClone can send Evernote checklists to Asana as tasks (I haven’t used it, just saw it)

  2. My team built an app called that will work for what you are wanting if you are using Evernote in the browser. It lets you create or complete tasks from anywhere, including grabbing screenshots or notes from Evernote. You can highlight and click anything in Evernote to turn it into an Asana task.

  3. You can also build or hire someone to build a custom version of the Zapier integration to allow for different ways to trigger tasks in Evernote so you don’t need to create a note for each task.
    My team does custom Zapier and integrations, if you decide on that route.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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@Sreedevi_Sripathy - We saw you installed That’s great!

Just so you are aware, you can highlight text in your note in Evernote, then right click (or control click on a Mac) and turn that text into an Asana task. There are several other ways you could use it in there. So, please let us know of any questions.

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