Users added to a workspace API are not shown in the Admin -> Members list

I have added a user to an organization using Workspace API (Asana). This user receives an email too. However, when I look for this user in Admin Console → Members, it is not in the list. Whereas, whenever I add a user into the normal workspace, I see the same user under Admin Console → Members as “Invited”. Am I missing anything? Any hints or documentation would be helpful.

  1. Screenshot of the user created using Workspace API

Most likely the person you added via the API has a different email domain from the organization and is thus invited as a guest, but you probably have the “Member Type” dropdown in Admin Console > Members set to its default of “Member”. Try changing that dropdown to “Guest” (or “All”) and see if the person shows up.

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Thank you for your support.
It seems that this was caused by existing free account and not by API
I will contact to support desk.

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