User who uploaded attachment isn't supported in the API?

It boggles me that I’m not seeing any evidence of the user who uploads an attachment included in the API. I set up a huge integromat automation (huge in the sense that it logged 4K attachments from a client project - huge value potential for client) to extract and document a master list of all attachments added to a client’s creative requests project, but shocked the API doesn’t make the username who uploaded the attachment available.


Any workarounds anyone is aware of? Any chance this could be added anytime soon?

You have stories of type attachment_added and you can request to see the field created_by it does not work? However you’ll have to read all stories for all tasks ^^


It’s a one-time report for a client, so I think, if this works (which, I’m sure it will, because THE Bastien suggested it), this will solve the issue. Thank you!

Let me know after you test it!