Use Webhook to Populate Custom Fields?

Is it possible to:
1 - Copy custom field contents when using the webhook to duplicate a project?
2 - Populate custom fields of a project using webhooks?

I am using 3 custom fields (Client Email Address, Email Header, Email Body) to create particular emails that fire off when certain tasks are complete. To notify the client that that certain stage is complete and what to expect next.

I have a automation that creates a new project for a client by duplication a template, after a form is filled in. But filling out the custom fields for each project is a manual task.

I think you’re referring to the API endpoint that duplicates a project? That’s not a webhook, but I assume that’s what you’re asking about - if so, then yes, the project duplication endpoint copies all custom fields and their values to the tasks in the new project.

Again, I’m confused by the use of the term “webhook” here. A webhook notifies your application of a change in Asana (like a task being marked complete). You can then use that information to make any changes you’d like to Asana, such as populating custom fields with certain values.

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