Upgrade from Premium trial to subscription and switching to single sign-on with MS Azure AD

Currently enthusiastically evaluating Asana premium. The users that are evaluating use their primary email addresses as an independent Asana credential with local password.

If we however make the switch to a subscription we want to use Single Sign-On (via SAML) with our corporate Azure AD accounts (with strong authentication with MS authenticator).

Will our users get a new identity in Asana after this switch, or is there a way to migrate the current users to their new IDs?

Hi @Arne_van_Balgoijen and welcome to the Forum! :wave:

From what I can see you have already converted your Workspace to an Organization and I can confirmthis Organization is Premium.

Please have a look at the following Guide articles to learn more about enabling SAML in your Organization:

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question! Have a great weekend!


It was already clear to us how we can setup the SAML integration with MS Azure AD. We still have over 2 week left for the evaluation.

The question remains: if we setup the SAML authentication and giving selected AD users access to Asana, what happens if these users already exist (with the same primary ID, the email address)? Will a new credential be created based on the SAML connection, so the user will exist twice?



When trying to setup SAML integration we encountered we are unable to do so, we need an enterprise subscription to enable SAML!

This is crazy IMHO, even free applications offer Single Sign-On support!
Asana should allow us to setup secure environments, as a serious SaaS solution introducing yet another credential is out of the question.


Agreed it’s kinda crazy that SAML isn’t supported in the Premium version of Asana. Would be even easier to have a “Sign in with Microsoft” button for smaller organizations, just like Asana has with “Login with Google”.