Unable to set custom field color in timeline view


I’m trying to set a timeline view of a certain project to use custom colors.
To implement that I’ve created a new custom field and assigned its value in the different tasks in the project. I have also added the field to our tenant’s library and I have verified that when trying to create a custom field and choosing the “library” tag, that field does show up there and it is “already added” in the context of this project, as well as as in the “customize” menu for the project.

However, on the timeline view, the drop down color list doesn’t show that field as an option and I only have the default options available there.
Is there something I’m missing? Any other configuration needed in order to allow that custom field to show up as a color option for the project?

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Hi @Alex_Jilitsky Just to confirm it is a single select field not a multi select?

Hi @Danielle-GenD ,

Thanks for the response.
It actually wasn’t a single select field, and now that I’ve create a new single-select one it works as expected.
I wish the guides would refer to this point, as I don’t find it completely intuitive, i.e. the option to support multi-choice fields isn’t that farfetched.

Thanks for the help!

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