Calendar color coding

Is there any way to force the calendar view to use color coding already established in a custom field from the list view in a project?

It’s frustrating that I have a custom field established with color coding but I can’t find a way to make the calendar default to using those colours from the custom field I have already created for individual tasks. I know I can create a customer field in the calendar view but then I have to enter colour coding twice. Is there a way to make the calendar view use colours from a custom field already created in the list view?

This would be a huge help for a tracking calendar I’m building. Thanks for any help.

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Hi @Darrell_Winwood and thanks for your question,

If I understood correctly, I might have a solution for you; because fields are actually shared between the different views, and you should not have to create a field specifically for the calendar view.

Are you already using the option “Colors : Type” in the calendar view, where you can select fields from your project ? (see screenshots)

Then, to save that particular configuration, you can save it by defaut (see screenshot

Remark: please note that only custom fields type = “single select” allow color on calendar view (not multi-select).

Hope that helps :wink:

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I don’t appear to have that option. Under colour I only have Asana Default, no colour or add single select field.


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Any other advice? The suggestion you have doesn’t work, I don’t have the option available to me.

Hi @Darrell_Winwood

Sorry for late answer, I didn’t receive any notification.

Could you please confirm that your field is a “Single select” ?

Thanks for responding. The custom field I was using was a multi-select field. I have figured out the colour option will only work if it’s a single-select field so I’ve had to adjust. That’s why the option wasn’t showing up for me, because I was using a multi-select field. I’d prefer to have a multi-select field possible but I assume the system can’t handle that and it must be single-select so it knows what colour to use.
This can be closed now. Thanks for the support.

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