Override task's Project Color in Calendar View by Custom Field color

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I have a project that is leveraging some tasks from another project in my team (and adding other tasks of our own). The source project has its own color code. When adding these source project’s tasks to my project, in the calendar view, the task is coded with the project color.

I also have a custom field in my project (activity type). This field is color coded so that we can quickly tell what’s the activity type when looking at the calendar view.

However, the problem is, when I have an inherited task from the source project, the custom field’s color code is ignored, as it is painted with the source project’s color instead. And, hence, we can’t quickly tell what’s the actual activity type, we have to hove the mouse over or go into the task details to be sure.

I would like my project’s calendar view to “override” the source project’s color when I have a custom field color code in place. In other words, I’d like my custom field’s color code to have precedence over the project color code. Is there a way to do that?

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Set the Color selector to use your color field of choice, rather than the Asana Default (which is the color of any associated Project).

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ooo thank you! I have no idea why it didn’t occur to me to click on that button. :slight_smile:

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