Use a section as color criteria and filter criteria

Hi all,

I know it’s possible to use a custom field to define a custom color code.
But I’d like to show the colors in the calendar view based on the Section that the task is included in.
I’d also like to filter based on the section.

Are these possible?

Thank you very much,


In this post I cover where the calendar colours come from (🎨 If Van Gogh used Asana: a study about colors on Asana) and they can’t come from a section UNLESS this section is a custom field (and you sorted by that field + disabled “sort within sections”).

Let me know if that works in your case.


Hi Bastien,

when you say “unless this section is a custom field”, are you saying that it is possible to split the lanes in the Board View by a custom field instead of manually-created sections? How do I do that?

Thank you very much,

No it is indeed not possible. You only mentioned calendar view :grinning:

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