Unable to load new custom icon for a project

As of this morning I am no longer able to upload a custom icon for a project.
After loading, the preview shows the broken thumbnail icon.

Does anyone else experience this problem?

Seems to be working fine for me, @Herve_Buisset.

Perhaps try these troubleshooting steps, (particularly try the incognito/private tab) and if you still have an issue, then please create a support ticket, by following the instructions here: How to contact our Support Team :email:

Thanks Richard. Sometimes one forgets the basics … clearing cache and relaunching chrome did the trick.

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Indeed :sweat_smile:

Glad that worked…!

Our team has had this issue all day with custom icons that have been working until today. We’re seeing the same issue across different OS/browsers/etc. I’m on a PC using Chrome and went through the troubleshooting options (including clearing cache etc. and incognito mode) to no avail. I’ll create a support ticket if it isn’t back up and running by tomorrow; just adding this here in case this becomes an issue for other folks.

It would be great to have a custom icon library so we don’t have to upload them for every project. Someday!

Hi @meg.meg.meg , being on an Enterprise plan, support should get back to you soon.

However, regarding having a custom icon library (which I agree, would be great!) you can vote for that, here:

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Update: This function is now working again for my entire team without further action on our part.