Unable to export Actual Time data

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I’m trying to create reporting that will provide data around ticket duration from when a ticket was assigned to when ticket is completed. I tried using the actual time feature in Asana but data is not available when exporting to excel. I’ve tried this via Chrome & Asana app.

Steps to reproduce: Added Actual Time on tickets > Export data

Browser version: Asana App & Chrome

Upload screenshots below:

Welcome, @Arturo_Martinez1,

I’ve moved your post because Asana would likely would not classify this as a bug, and so that you can vote for that at the top of this thread.

The way I read the question–“exporting to excel”–I assume you’re asking about CSV export, but CSV export only offer the total actual time for the task, because CSV doesn’t easily support multidimensional/hierarchical output (table of actual time makeup within each task).

But maybe this addresses your need:



@lpb – I didn’t know Asana2Go would allow you to export actual time data. Will it export with custom field information or who logged the time?

Thanks for raising this question, @Christine_Bolton. I’ve just updated my answer to be more correct.