Unable to edit custom fields value when assigned task without the project invitation.

My client has a private project with the set of custom fields added to the library. He wants to assign tasks from this projekt to the man that is not member of this project. This person sees the task on his My Tasks list, he sees the custom fields value but cannot edit it. He can only remove it (then the custom field disapear from the task. Is it expected behaviour or bug?

I reproduced it in my Asana. Here the project with example custom fields CS A, CS B and CS C:

And here is screen how these custom fields are visible by the person that is not part of the team, has only task assigned:

In the tooltip there is a not that I can remove the value together with the custom field. When I click it, the field disapear:

And the value is removed from the task in the project:

Why does the person assigned to the task can remove the value but he cannot add or edit the value? It change when I invite this person to the project.

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