Change Custom Field on task

Is there anyway to change the custom field from “x” to “y” on a task that is in a project that the user cannot see?

Here is the workflow:

Form is filled out --> User A who manages project assigns the task to User B --> User B needs to change a custom field to communicate to User A.

User A does not want to share the project with User B because then that user would see all form submissions that come in, and that is private information. When User B puts the task in another project, the custom fields are visible but not editable.

Ideas? Work arounds?

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Let me dig into this and I’ll come back to you as soon as I collect more information!

Hey @Natalia – have you been able to review this at all? I can send you some screenshots of what I am experiencing. Right now, I (user B) have to comment to user A that I want them to change the field, which is a work-around the functionality of custom fields because just doesn’t go all the way.

Hi @AshleyWright :wave:t5: Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

Can you please confirm if the user is a guest or a member in your Organization? As it stands, Organization Guests are unable create/edit/delete custom fields.

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Yes Both users are members in the org. The project that the task with the custom fields lives in though, is not shared with User B because that project holds all the form submissions that should remain private.

@AshleyWright, Is User B a Collaborator (Follower) of the task? I’m not sure, but it would be quick to try to see if that allows changing the custom field. without seeing the rest of the tasks in the project.


@lpb – Here is the screenshot of what is happening. The field is not editable, even when I add it to a project of my own.

@AshleyWright, Seeing the tooltip makes me think that the task acquired the custom field Department Code because the task was once a member of that project.

But at the time of the screenshot, the task was not a member of that project where that field came from. Is that the case? If so, that’s the issue. Can you set permissions (team/project/task as needed) to avoid having to remove the project membership and thus allow the field to be edited?

If not–if the task was currently in the project where Department Code is defined–then maybe it’s as you say, that Asana is treating it as if it was previously in that project and is not now. But I don’t think this has been the behavior I’ve seen in Asana in the past.


The task is created via a form submission. The custom field “department” is set via answers to the form. The custom field “Status” is what we want to change. However, the project that the form and task lives in is not / can not be accessible to every user because it has sensitive information.

Is there a way to change the custom field without giving access to the project?


I’m afraid it’s too hard to try to troubleshoot this way; sorry.

You can re-read my last comment substituting “Status” for “Department Code” and see if that helps, but I don’t think I can help further.


Hi @Natalia – do you have any guidance on the below? How can a custom field be changed on a task if the user does not have access to the project?

If I add this task to a random project and that random project has the custom field “Status / Stage” then I am am able to change the custom field. However, this is a huge work around, and we won’t work for our use case. Is there a feature request that speaks to the user ability to change a custom field in a task where they are not a collaborator on the project?

Hi @AshleyWright :wave:t5: Apologies for the delay in responding.

I’ve being running some tests regarding this and I can confirm that it is not possible to modify a custom field nested in a project you don’t have access to. Unfortunately, I don’t have a workaround for this rather than adding the user to the project or the workaround you have explained. Sorry for that.

There isn’t a feature request regarding this topic at the moment but feel free to create a brand new thread for this.

Apologies for not being of a greater help here Ashley! I hope you have a nice day!