Unable to delete a Section

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
Don’t understand why we can’t use the Delete Section option.
Steps to reproduce:
Select Section three dots by selection name. Delete Section is grayed out - not able to select. Only selectable option is to Rename Section.
Browser version:
Safari 12.1.2
Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Christy_C
My Understanding is that the reason you can’t delete the section. Is because it has tasks in that section even if they are completed.
It is not a big as such as that is the current design same as the design has always been with board projects.



I have this problem too. There are no tasks in the section. In fact, it won’t even allow me to add a task. The ‘delete section’ is greyed out. I’m frustrated. This new design is wasting my time. HOW DO I DELETE A SECTION please?

Hi @Kirsten_Loop, I’m troubleshooting this issue with @Julien_RENAUD here: Cannot Delete Sections.. even when NOTHING is associated to it. - #4 by Julien_RENAUD Follow along for updates on this issue!