Two-Way Sorting by Due then by Priority

Guys, is it possible to do a two-level sorting in project view: first by Due and then within/after that - by Priority?
Is this also possible in My Tasks view as well maybe?

So basically I want to see e.g. today’s tasks first, but within that high priority at the top, then medium, then low. So sorting INSIDE each given day as well.

Because frankly it’s kind of a mess now: e.g. I look at today’s tasks, but within that they’re totally unsorted. So visually it’s quite challenging to figure out where to start. Naturally, it’s not an issue e.g. if I have a few tasks, but imagine looking at 20+ or 30+ tasks for a given day - here one really needs a way to visually see prioritization somehow.

There is already a thread on this topic. You can vote for this feature there.

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