Two way communication from Asana

Hi Guys,
I am looking at Asana functionalities for my team and expecting help since I am not able to find it in the documentation.
We want two-way communication from and to asana. I already know that we can push data from our website to asana(via documentation) but what if I want to push the data from Asana to my website, is it possible?
Ex: I am creating a site which sells customized things when a user places its order, we will be sending data to asana from there the team will see act upon it now as per the progress of the process members will update their status(like in progress or may be stuck or may complete etc.) based on this updated status, we want to fetch data from asana and want to show/save it in our website(two-way communication).
Is it possible? I have tried to search for documents but I can’t find a solution. Any help will be appreciated.

Hi @santosh_bawari and welcome to the forum!

The best way to do this is via webhooks.

Alternately, you can periodically poll Events for what’s changed since the last time you polled. But webhooks will give you real-time notification of updates, instead of just periodically when you poll.