How to send messages to other apps when creating or updating tasks via the app

I want to get the corresponding task information when I create or update a task, and at the same time request to other interfaces to implement the push message function, how should I implement it?

Hi @wsy and welcome to the forum,

You have two choices:

  • Periodically poll Asana for the task data that’s changed since the last time you polled; or
  • Set up webhooks which will send a packet of info to a designated endpoint of your choosing when task data changes

For the periodic polling option, you’d use the Events API functionality. In brief, you’ll make the call to GET /events which will return you the changed data and also a sync token. Then some time later, you’ll make that call again, passing it the sync token from the last call, and Asana will send you the changes that occurred since you received that sync token. Repeat this process ongoingly.

Alternately, you can set up one or more webhooks to receive a packet of data when a task changes, using the Webhooks API.

It’s not clear what you’re asking about here. Can you provide an additional description of what you’re wanting to accomplish?

@Phil_Seeman Thanks for your reply.
If I use webhooks and need to know the IP section of Asana that requests the webhooks address for company security reasons, how can I get this information?

I don’t think there are static IP addresses you can use; see:

Having said that, that’s a very old post so you might want to write to and ask them if that’s changed and if there are now some IP addresses you can rely on.