Two kinds of "done" aka "incomplete + completed today" filter

Crossing off tasks as “done” today on my “My List”, I was thinking “maybe I should show completed tasks so I can get more of a feeling of acheivement as I cross them off”.

The trouble with that is it’d show a gazillion tasks from previous “todays” and this hits a problem I have in a few places - the difference between DONE and DONE GLOATING.

Perhaps the way to show it might be to add a filter to show “incomplete + completed today”. That seems most practical. But I like the concept of “done” vs “done gloating” :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your feedback @Sarah_George! We already have a thread on this topic in the #productfeedback category, you can check it out here: Missing view options for Tasks Completed recently - #138 by Jonathan_H_Fernandez.

In the meantime, this specific post might be a good workaround!

Have a great Tuesday!

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Thanks Marie!

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Thanks, yes that conversation covers what I’d like :slight_smile: I do like the term “done gloating” though hehehehe

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