Trying to track a KPI in asana where the lower number is better

I’ve migrated our KPIs and OKRs to Asana using the goal feature. I have the KPIs set up so the parent KPI for example is “Engineering KPIs” However for the KPI around # of bugs, the lower the number the better but because the % is auto calculated since it’s a subgoal, it’s showing an incorrect view of the situation. (I.e. if the goal is less than 10 bugs and 9 have been found, 90% is not good)

Any suggestions?


If the particular KPI is “Fewer than 10 bugs” then it could be specified as number (0 for unmet, and 1 for me) or percent (0% for poorly met, 100% for very well met, and in between values if you want).

You could set this automatically (one Milestone) or manually.

As for the “Engineering KPIs,” it sounds like the above goal and others are contributing to an auto calc of subgoals to determine its progress. I guess I’d need to understand more context, but to me a KPI is a discrete measure, and “Engineering KPIs” like this isn’t something I’ve seen before.

Hope that helps,


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